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Solomiata was originally put together by Randy Stocker. He did a huge amount of research and digging, including pioneering the 1.8 swap that has become very popular amongst 1990-93 owners. He stopped updating the site around 2004.

When AOL shut down their hosting service at the end of October 2008, Flyin' Miata arranged to take over Solomiata, as the information was too good to lose.

We're still cleaning up links and getting everything back online, so please be patient with us for a while as we get it all up and running again. Then we'll be able to start updating and expanding it.

NOTE: Not all procedures on this site are recommended by Flyin' Miata. We're going through and updating pages that can be as much as a decade out of date. Over time, the quality of information will continue to improve. Feel free to call our tech line at 1 970 464 5600 or email us at if you have questions.

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