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This is the dyno run I made as a baseline right before I went with the programmable FM ECU. As you can see with the stock ECU settings a tradeoff exists between torque and HP. If I increased the fuel pressure the torque went up but the HP went down. If I lowered the fuel pressure the HP went up but the torque went down. Having a programmable ECU lets you have the best of both worlds.

These numbers were achieved on 2/12/1998 at Atlanta Chassis Dyno with 14 before initial timing, .004" head shave, 4-2-1 header, Borla cat-back exhaust, hollow cat, RX-7 flowmeter, custom intake plumbing with K&N cone filter, gasket matched intake and exhaust ports/manifolds, Downing variable rate-of-gain adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and 4.30:1 final drive gears.

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